Open Water Swimming Registration

Please read the following statements and sign at the bottom to indicate that you agree with the following:

  • I understand that if I choose not to wear a wetsuit, I increase my risk of experiencing cold water shock.

  • I am medically fit and able to undertake open water swimming.

  • I will not swim if I am feeling unwell, or if I become unwell during the session, I will immediately inform the instructor or safety staff.

  • In the event I get into difficulty I will roll onto my back and signal for rescue by waving one arm in the air.

  • I agree to take full responsibility for my possessions whilst swimming.

  • I will sign in before entering the water and sign out at the end of the session, once I am changed and warm.

  • In the event of a thunder storm, failing light, fog or high winds, the instructor may decide to end a session. If I am asked to leave the water, I will do immediately – for my own safety.

  • I acknowledge that open water is a natural environment. The water’s edge may be slippery, there may be sharp stones underfoot, there are various ramps, ropes, buoys and other water users that must be avoided.

  • If I do not feel comfortable with these hazards, I should not swim in this open water environment.

  • I acknowledge that there are no changing facilities on the lochside/beach.

  • North Coast Wet and Wild will treat information about me confidentially.

  • All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who needs to stay close to the shore/water’s edge for the duration of the session and help their child/ren with changing before and after the session, as required.

  • Covid 19 – I can confirm that neither I or my household have or have had (in the last two weeks) symptoms of the Corona Virus.

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